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Our implant dentists in Austin Texas can repair your smile to even better than their original beauty.

Our doctors have a lot of experience placing implants and repairing smiles. Our patients love us because we treat them like we would want to be treated, not like a number. We spend time with each patient to understand their needs and create a customized plan for them.

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  • Many affordable financing options are available .

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Our implant dentistry experts will do whatever it takes to transform your smile into one that makes you feel more bold and confident. We will create a custom plan to get to your dental goals in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

All on Four Procedure

If you need a full smile restoration, you should consider the all-on-4 procedure. This is a state of the art way to affix a denture appliance to four implants that are strategically placed. We have some of the best surgeons available in the Austin area. We can usually place the teeth on the same day.

Our Dental Surgeons

Our doctors are fully trained dentists that have completed at least 2 additional years of training in the field of dental implant surgery including bone grafting and periodontics studies. You can rest assured knowing that you are in fully capable hands with our team.

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The procedure was not very painful at all and when I saw my smile for the first time in the mirror, I knew I had taken the right path for my smile restoration
JaneAustin, TX
"I was so sad that I could not save my teeth but then I heard about the all on 4 procedure. Now I am able to smile with confidence again"
SandraAustin, Texas
This is a video testimonial from Joshua who chose a dental implants Austin TX solution. See how his new smile has completely changed things for Joshua after just 3 months!

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

Our Austin TX dentists work to make your tooth implant procedure as comfortable as possible during your smile restoration.  We use sedation for most procedures and patients report minimal discomfort during the recovery process. Most patients report that they are able to return to work within the next few days and only need to take over the counter pain relievers.  However, if you need something more for the pain or discomfort, our doctors can assist with keeping you comfortable for those first couple of days.  After this you should begin feeling back to normal.

Our dental implant doctors will also send you home with instructions on how to properly care for the surgical sites.  Following these instructions exactly will minimize the amount of pain and discomfort you experience during the process.  You can learn a lot more about dental implants at the ADA website.

Cost Effectiveness

While the cost of getting dental implants can seem quite daunting, it is often the most cost effective route for treatment.  The recurring costs of dental maintenance for someone with poor or failing teeth can quickly add up in the long term and can wind up being far more expensive than dental implants cost.  When making a decision regarding your teeth you should consider your long term dental health.  Many choose dental implants instead of dentures because they want to ensure long term that they do not lose any of the bone structure in their jaw.  Our Austin dental implant center would love to help you determine what the best and most cost effective option is for your particular case.  More on other options for Austin cosmetic dentistry here.

Financing Options

For many in Austin, dental implants seem like they are out of reach financially.  However, there are actually many options available for financing your dental implant procedure.  No matter your credit or financial situation, our Austin dental implant financing consultants may be able to get the costs of your implants down to an affordable monthly payment.  We can help you decide which financial plan is going to work best for your specific situation.  There are options ranging from no interest for 6 or 12 months to longer term options that further reduce the monthly expense.  We believe that money should not be the key deciding factor in your dental health and will do everything we can to help you find the best solution.

All-on-Four Teeth in A Day

austin all-on-fourYes, for those looking for all-on-4 implants in Austin TX and a full upper or lower arch replacement, the all-on-four procedure could allow full installation of new prosthetic teeth on the same day as the implant surgery takes place.  This is because the multiple implants are able to share the load of a full dental bridge immediately in most cases.  Recovery time is required on a modified diet in order to allow proper healing of the implants but the effect of the all-on-4 teeth procedure can be noticed immediately.

The reactions of our patients seeing their fully rejuvenated smiles for the first time is what makes this so rewarding for our staff.  If you are even considering repairing or replacing your teeth, you owe it to yourself to schedule a free consultation with us today for the possibility of acquiring immediate dental implants.

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