Dental Implants: One Step Closer to Your Own Teeth

Dental Implants: One Step Closer to Your Own Teeth

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If you have missing teeth, cracked, or failing teeth, dental implants might be just the thing you need to replace your once beautiful smile. Most people who have problems with their teeth start to feel insecure about their smile and in as little as a day you can have dental surgery to change that. The truth is dental implants have changed the face of dentistry over the past 25 years as an alternative to dentures (which can cause other problems long term) and other prosthetic devices.

Dental Implants Offer a Permanent Solution

They are artificial replacements for your natural tooth. Just as the case with natural teeth, implants are surgically placed in your jawbone, which is then used to place crowns or other bridgework. Implants are made of titanium, which is strong, lightweight, and biocompatible, which means that your body will not reject it. Titanium is the same metal that is used to replace orthopedic joints in other parts of the body. It is worth noting that dental implants have the highest success rates of any implanted surgical device.

No more worrying about storing your dentures in a cup. They are made to stay in your mouth where they belong nd they are also easy to care for because they are similar to your natural teeth.

They are Worth the Long Term Investment and Safer Alternative

Dental implants have proven to be an excellent replacement option. Not only do they both look and function like your real teeth, an implant can replace a single tooth without sacrificing the surrounding teeth. In the case of a bridge, an implant can make it much more secure than any other method of foundation.

Plus, the dental implants are made to last unlike other procedures and are less likely to cause additional dental problems. Most bridges and false teeth are made to only last 5 to 7 years and will need to be replaced. They have to be replaced because the shape of your mouth continually changes due to bone and muscle degeneration . Each time you have to replace your dental work, it not only costs you additional money but you also have to spend several hours in the dental chair. Dental implants were made to last a lifetime and are more cost effective long term. You still have to take care of your teeth, including daily care, cleanings, and the occasional adjustment.

Implants are Made of Titanium

Another benefit of using titanium is for its property of osseointegration, which means that it will literally fuse with your bone tissue, which makes it not only as good as your teeth, but in some regards, better than your teeth since the implant will stabilize your teeth in the surrounding bone. Otherwise, a missing tooth will often cause the remaining bone to deteriorate. This helps to keep the bone healthy and intact.

No More Cavities

Once you replace your broken, cracked, or failing teeth with an implant or a full set of teeth, you no longer have to worry about getting cavities. It is very important that you take care of your teeth on a daily basis to maintain healthy gums. If your teeth previously failed because of nighttime grinding, don’t forget to ask your dentist for a night guard to protect your new teeth.

Help Keep Your Muscles and Bones from Degenerating

In addition to replacing lost teeth, implants also help to maintain a bone’s density and shape, which will contribute to supporting your facial structure and that of the other oral tissues, such as gums, cheeks and lips. Further, a bridge can cause gums to recede, which will lead to a visible defect when parts of the underlying structure of the bridge becomes visible. Dental implants will help you to continue in as normal a means as possible to eat, talk, and look completely natural. This will contribute significantly to enhance your social, psychological, and physical well being.

Talk to Your Dentist for More Information

Every case is different, so your best opportunity to understand how you will respond to dental implants is to discuss it with your dentist. He or she can help you make the best determination of the use of dental implants in your case.

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