It is very important for us to establish trust with those that we serve as we show you the latest in dental implant technology and options.  It is with this in mind that we put together this privacy policy in order to safeguard your information.

What Kind of Information Do We Collect?

The only information that we ask you to provide through our website is your name, phone number, and email address.  This is so that we can get into contact with you regarding any services that you may have indicated interest in.

How We Use Your Information

We only use your information to contact you regarding your inquiries on our website.  Sometimes we may share your information with a 3rd party in order to connect you to the dental implant services providers that we recommend.  We will never sell or provide any other parties with your information.

Our goal is to get you the care and treatment that you deserve and we aim to establish a long time trusting relationship with those that we help to find the perfect cosmetic dentistry services for.